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Subsea Hydraulic Leads

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The strength of Subsea Hydraulic Leads,(SHL) lies with the men and women who see our projects through from concept to completion. From the board room to the drafting board, the shop to the loading dock, it’s a team effort. Every one of our projects is embraced by an entire team of professionals and craftsmen working together to produce the highest quality products possible. This cooperation and dedication ensures that we meet project specifications and deadlines, paying careful attention to details and using the finest materials throughout.


At SHL we work hard to gain a clear understanding of our customers needs in relation to their fabrication and timeline requirements. We believe this pays off as customers from around the globe continue to put their trust in Subsea Hydraulic Leads for quality, craftsmanship and service.


We currently have no open positions at this time.

Available positions change on a frequent basis. For more information on employment, call (832) 327-4853 or mail a resume to our office at 6401 Cunningham Road, Houston, TX 77041.

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